End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

We have more than 7 years experience in the tenancy cleaning & home cleaning services in London. Performing the end of tenancy cleaning london by yourself is not always the best thing to do. Especially if you vacating more then 3 bedroom property you must know that this is not an easy job, its need to be finished on time and you will definitely need the help of experienced cleaning company. So best things to do it will be to find such a company.

Through the years we have developed accurate and unprecedented cleaning system for tenancy cleans, spring cleaning, office cleaning and our cleaners in London are very experienced in this types of cleaning services. They work with different kind of materials and they have been trained to use them. When using the right cleaning products the accidents and damages to the furniture are kept to minimum.

Our company have zero tolerance in damaging customers belongings, fixtures, furniture etc. That’s why we are in possession of comprehensive insurance policy and all work we are undertaking is insured. When hiring our professional cleaners you will have peace of mind. How we working out the final fee? Your pay will depend on number of key factors like the size of the property itself, the number of bathrooms, additional toilets, fixtures and furniture our cleaners need to clean. For end of tenancy cleaning we have a standard cleaning rates and that is used as a guide for your final fee. We don’t have and we do not apply extra charges on top. Our cleaning services are thorough and efficient, with the tenancy clean you have the chance to book also carpet cleaning services, sofa cleaning or upholstery cleaning.


If you looking forward to book our post tenancy cleaning service, are always ready to help, and will not to let you down. We are also available during weekends or bank holidays, in case of emergency we can still sort out something. Our cleaning company is well organised cleaning provider with big reputation and every client needs come first.

You will ask how many cleaners will turn up for my end of tenancy cleaning london ? How many hours they will spent cleaning the house? Will the cleaners bring all materials and equipment? Well every customer is worried and wants to know that, so that’s why we have created list with approximate hourly/number of cleaners sheet. For a studio flat you can expect the job done for 3-4h/ 1-2 cleaners, for 1 bedroom 4h/ 2 cleaners, for 2 bedroom 5h/ 2 cleaners , for a 3 bedroom 5-6h/ 2 cleaners, for 4 bedroom 5-6h/3 cleaners. And yes our cleaning company in London supply all the necessary cleaning products and equipment. Sometimes clients think that the end of tenancy cleaning is an easy task. Well it’s not, because if you haven’t used this type of cleaning service you might never heard or know that most of the cleaning is concentrated in the kitchen and bathroom areas. It takes awful a lot of time to get this two places in sparkling condition.

To find out more about our end of tenancy cleaning london and prices call on 0208 290 4717.

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