Professional Rug Cleaning in London

  • Trained rug cleaners

  • Local expert rug cleaner

  • High-End cleaning equipment

  • Safe Eco-friendly detergents

  • Free rug and carpet cleaning sanitization


How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost?

Rug cleaning prices vary and depends on the size, material and location. Minimum outgoing charge is £50+VAT

Premises Type Hot Water Extraction Stain Treatment
Rug Small £20.00 Yes
Rug Medium £25.00 Yes
Rug Large £30.00 Yes

How to Book Rug Cleaning?

What do I do…? It’s not your problem……. it’s ours!

RCL provides rug refreshing and professional rug cleaning solutions.
Our rug cleaning company provides free of charge booking next day service, with minimum order value of £50.00, anywhere in London.

In the last few years, the rug cleaning service has changed a lot. There is a big difference from the past and present. New techniques, new and better rug cleaning methods, new machines have been developed. Customers’ expectations have also changed. Clients are more health conscious at present times. That’s why our cleaning company uses environmentally friendly detergents and other reliable fabric products.

Rug Cleaning for London Homes and Businesses.

Through the years we have developed accurate and unprecedented rug cleaning way for cleaning different fabrics. All of our rug cleaners in London are very experienced in these types of cleaning services. They work with different clients:

  • Residents

  • Letting Agents

  • Tenants

  • Property Developers

  • Office Companies

  • Property Management Companies

  • Services Apartments

  • Airbnb Landlords

We Accommodate Different Rug Cleaning Requests


The beneficial effects of our rug cleaning protect you and your home environment and also maintaining cleanliness without harming anyone. As we use only professional products, they know to use only non-toxic and environmentally friendly agents and materials. Choosing the right cleaning company to take on cleaning task or maintenance of your living or workplace is a tricky part. As you start surfing the net many questions coming up in your head. The many considerations that will affect the decision making are also difficult to weigh. One of the important decisions to make is the choice between professional cleaners and freelance cleaning company.

Why Choose Our Rug Cleaning Methods?

Our rug cleaners in London provides services with commitment and professionalism. RCL Carpet Cleaning Services department provides thorough carpet and rug cleaning even at minimum supervision. The fact is when choosing an efficient business provider over less efficient one is that you can rest assured of quality rug cleaning service you will get without having to attend the process at all times. If you planning to replace rugs after spills or damages and you find it hard to remove the dirt, this can be very harmful to your bank balance. That’s why we come to the rescue with our professional rug cleaning and treatments like pre-spray, stain treatment and traffic clean transforming into fresh rugs at a very competitive rate. We help your rugs to get nicely cleaned and you get big savings when you book with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our carpet cleaning operatives use High-End cleaning machinery. We are pride to use the most recommended form for carpet cleaning treatment from Prochem. Not all the stains can be eliminated though.

Yes, we mostly come over clients’ home. In rare instances we provide collect and rug wash service.

Don’t panic, the rugs tend to air-dry quickly. During summer season this will take 2-4 hours at most.

Depends on how busy we are. Very often we accommodate short notice bookings. But again, all this is dependable on our availabilities.


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We offer professional carpet cleaning and our carpet cleaners London pre-spray, clean, fresh carpets at a very competitive rates.

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