Essential Carpet Cleaning Prices, Checklist and Methods for Stain Removal London: Tenant’s Guidance


Do you want to find out how much professional carpet cleaning cost?  Before you do, find out what London based carpet cleaning company offer. Look for the way they conduct their service, promises and achievements. Ask for accreditations, experience or awards. Look for following services they offer like here:

  • Professional cleaning equipment supplied
  • Amazing outcomes on stain treatment.
  • Disinfecting cleaning agents.
  • Superb deodorisers.
  • Same day booking, subject to availability
  • Stain cleaning experts’
  • Rug, Sofa and Soft Upholstery Cleaning Available

How Much Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost in London?



Room Size Carpet Cleaning


EOT Carpet Cleaning Price
Single Bedroom £35.00 £28.00
Double Bedroom £45.00 £35.00
Through Lounge £65.00 £55.00
Hallway £30.00 £25.00
2 Seated Sofa £55.00 £48.00
3 Seated Sofa £85.00 £70.00
Armchair £20.00 £15.00
Set of stairs £30.00 £20.00


Be advised that T&C may apply. Some carpet cleaning companies have Minimum Outgoing Charges. Usually calculated cost of the carpet cleaning service, by taking into consideration the postcode areas, room dimensions and the average difficulty access to the property. Also carpet cleaning prices for such services are subject to availability. Some additional charges like, ULEZ, Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).Remember that EOT carpet cleaning price apply only when you combine two or more services like end of tenancy cleaning together with carpet cleaning.

How much is carpet cleaning with end of tenancy? 

The average price for the end of tenancy cleaning depends mostly on various factors:  the size of the property, the number of bedrooms, booked cleaning services, additional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery and time of completion.

Property Type End of Tenancy cleaning Only End of Tenancy cleaning with steam carpet cleaning service
Studio Flat £80




1 bedroom £110




2 bedroom £140




3 bedroom £175





Optimal Carpet Cleaning Prices

Property Type Required Time Price
Studio apartment 2 Hours £50-£70
1 room 1 Hours £30
2 room with carpet cleaning 2-3 Hours £50-£80
3 room with carpet cleaning 2-3 Hours £80-£110
4 room with carpet cleaning 3-4 Hours £110-£130


These carpet cleaning prices are for general guidance only. Cheap Carpet Cleaning Prices would ultimately depend on many factors even the season you are booking the service.

Why book carpet cleaning when you hire end of tenancy cleaners?

Many households have carpeted floors. Such a comfort comes of course at a price. Your home comfortable, stylish and elegant and it isn’t an exemption. When choosing them you must consider different factors, features like pure quality, colour, specific design, material etc. You prefer to purchase an eye-catching fashioned fabrics. Once its installed after few years of wear and tear its colour gets fade, it did accumulate different types of stains. Most of the time you will notice that an unpleasant odour comes out of the carpet itself. The germs and bacteria usually grow in such dirty carpet and become a danger for habitants or family members health. Therefore, if you want to avoid such an abnormalities and their consequences and get back the freshness of your carpet fabrics then you need to book and clean your carpet by hiring professional carpet cleaners.

Why Book End of Tenancy with Carpet Cleaning?

In recent years, many property owners, landlords or property management companies started taking cleaning seriously. Offering nicely cleaned property combined with cleaning of the carpets from the professionals when the tenancy agreement comes to an end. The property owners explicitly disclose within the tenancy agreement whether the tenant is required to hire professional carpet cleaners or he can perform the carpet cleaning by himself. Furthermore,  they also agree with tenants on that whether antiviral or disinfestation treatment should be included in deep carpet cleaning or not.

What does end of tenancy cleaning involves: 

  • Kitchen cleaning use of best degreasers
  • Bathroom cleaning with best limescale removers 
  • Window cleaning with vinegar based window cleaner
  • Hallway cleaning with microfibre cloth
  • Carpet Vacuum Clean with professional Henry Hover
  • Carpet Steam Clean with Hot water extraction method
  • Stain treatment with best stain removers

Why having uncleaned carpet at the end of the tenancy can get you in trouble?

If you don’t book professional carpet  clean at the end of the tenancy then you will probably face a deposit deduction for the cost of hiring carpet cleaner. In many cases, property owners have their own cleaning contractors that offer such service. However, it will cost you more than the actual cost you are required to spend on cleaning the carpet.

Can I clean carpeted fabrics by myself?

It may depends on your contract clause. You need to check this before you want to proceed.  If the property owner has mentioned that you must hire the professional carpet cleaners for cleaning carpets g at the end of the tenancy then it is compulsory for you to book them. Usually, the landlord or the letting agent will demand the receipt or bill of the services so that they can verify whether the tenant has actually hired for real carpet cleaning company or not? But where you don’t have such a clause or landlords statement in the contract then you can clean your carpet on your own.

Professional end of tenancy carpet cleaning use specialized Prochem cleaning equipment, machinery and methods to clean fabrics. They have experience and professional knowledge about carpet cleaning. Therefore, the chance of damaging the carpet is minimise, also most companies are fully insured.

How many carpet cleaning methods are out there?

There are quite few carpet cleaning methods available. Most of them are tried and tested to refresh your carpet. Most property owners have no concern about which method was used. Have you used steam or hot water extraction method for cleaning the carpet at the end of the tenancy. The final results are the most important to them.  That is why you may need to book a professional end of tenancy cleaning carpet cleaners as they have the expertise.  They will select the right or in many scenarios most appropriate approach for cleaning your carpet without damaging the carpet fibre. They will weight the pros and cons,  the material, style and colour of the carpet. They will deliver best results, together with professional assistance you in clearing the end of tenancy check out.

If you clean your carpet on your own, excessive use of water may ruin your carpet. When you ask for your deposit back this will be  a massive problem for you. New carpet replacement may be needed, and you will be responsible to cover the cost of the carpets.

Do I hire professional end of tenancy carpet cleaners or I can hire any carpet cleaner?

It is highly recommended to hire professional end of tenancy carpet cleaners as they have expertise,  training and vision. This means that you are covered on  both ends of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning service. But of course you can hire a sole-trader carpet cleaner. He might be even cheaper.

How Carpet Cleaning Services are Big Help for Every Home?

Book it over the phone or perhaps online. Check availability. Enjoy your free time, relax and have peace of mind when you call professional carpet cleaner.

Every carpet cleaning service must begin with thorough examination:

  • Experienced carpet cleaner professionally equipped all necessary equipment and cleaning agents.
  • Trained technician will establish what is the preferred cleaning method to treat the fabrics..
  • Nest task will be vacuuming and getting rid of dry dirt off your carpeting;
  • Next one is pre-spray cleaning solution is applied to existing stains.
  • Furthermore hot water extraction methods start.
  • Tsk is completed,
  • Your carpets look like new, they are spotlessly clean.

What is Carpet Cleaning Preparation Checklist? 

We wish you to have greatest experience with the least amount of inconvenience or effort. To accomplish such aim, we need your assistance in doing a small preparations for you cleaning needs.

  • Vacuum thoroughly your traffic areas.
  • Please remove very sensible or breakable items such as table top lamps and brick-a-brack
    from furniture to be moved during the cleaning process. Some liability
    insurance does not allow cleaning company to handle these items or to move furniture around with
    breakables in place.
  • Remove most small pieces of furniture as possible, such as
    dining chairs, ottomans, and small tables from the areas you plan to have us
    clean. Carpet cleaner technician will be happy to assist and move light furniture at no extra
    cost.  Your preparations will helps cleaner do a better and faster job.
    job for clients. Cleaners appreciate floors to be free of personal
    belongings, items, toys, shoes, magazines etc.
  •  When conducting the pre-cleaning inspection, please address any
    concerns you may have, particularly those regarding spills, spots, marks or
    stains. If you remember, disclose to the carpet cleaning technician what caused the stains.
  • Heavy cabinets and the like cannot be moved unless fully
    empty. Cleaners will not move expensive or antique furniture or if it appears fragile in
  • Please let your family pets secured or gated away from the serviced region.
  • Carpet cleaners doesn’t accept responsibility for pets
  • Please make arrangements for your pets prior to our arrival.
  •  We plan to secure floor length draperies on the windowsill or draper rod using
    hangers. This procedure prevents the fabric from directly contacting damp
    carpets during cleaning and drying.

Tip: Never leave furniture, rugs, or other stuff on damp undried carpeted fabrics. This is to avoid staining the carpet.

Steam cleaning vs hot water extraction.

From our experience, carpet cleaning done with the hot water extraction method is way more better than the fully run steam treatment. It is rated as the high-end. Nowadays it is the most conservative carpet cleaning method to wash heavily grimy carpets. The same method is used over rugs and upholstery. But your questions is how does it work? The already dissolved cleaning solution within the machine tank is forced out under huge  pressure, once it overs the area it gets deep into the fibre. At the same time super double vacuum cleaner sucks up back the moist. The method will revive and get rid of the soil,  grime, and it will fight off bacteria,  germs in your upholstery, carpet or rug. Various spills made from  different stains any unpleasant odours will be treated best with the steam extraction method.

What is the desired outcome? Hot water extraction carpet cleaning restores your carpets appearance, they are professionally refreshed stain free s(smell superb).

* NOTE: You may require or book to deodorise your carpets. Bonus for clients will be turbo drier vent, many carpet cleaners will position professional air mover inside treated room and help increase airflow throughout entire house. This way carpets get speedy drying, when professional technician uses of powerful fan which will accelerate the process itself.



Q: How does hot water extraction for carpet cleaning is done?

A: This is the most used advanced carpet cleaning method. This method is identified as well as “professional steam cleaning”. This system of treating carpets is recognised as the high end within the carpet cleaning industry. It is much powerful and resalable and it is better than any basic steam treatments. Carpet cleaning machine sends out pressurizes hot water, it uses high pressure for agitation of the fabrics plus bringing in the hot water helps to complete the reaction level together with the cleaning detergent.


Q: What types of carpets, upholstery and rugs can be clean with hot water extraction method.

A:  Variety of carpets and rugs: some very delicate Persian carpet cleaning, oriental carpet clean, carpet runners, small, medium, or large in size.

Q: How long the carpet will dry?

A: It depends on few factors, Material, size and weather condition. If your carpet consists of woollen fabrics,  expected drying time will be over 6 hours. But less if the weather is warm or if use of powerful carpet turbo drier. Other than that, basic carpets it should dry within 2-4 of hours. Many independent carpet cleaners use  also of professional Air mover.

Q: Can all stains be cleaned?

A: No carpet cleaner has the ability to remove all stains. This again all depends on few factors: time the stain was on carpet, was it treated, barbaric type stain type.

Q: How long does it take to carpet clean double room?

A: On average, it will take roughly 20-30 minutes per room. This depends on access to water and other facilities like to  dispose of dirty water. Overall condition of the carpet. Number of stains needed additional treatment