Wine Carpet Stains Removal: Top Advise from Professional Carpet Cleaners How to Clean Wine Stains on Carpet.

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Removing wine stains on carpet is not fun. But it’s fun of having a clean, sparkling property.  Having none of your friends coming for a while can turn on into nightmare when they come around to entertain them. Obviously spills of drinks go hand-hand with parties. In case of such bad luck there are few select common household products.

Learn how to get red wine out of carpet with tips from the cleaning experts at RCL carpet cleaners or simply buy one of best UK carpet stain removers.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet with Club Soda Water

Removing wine stains from carpet is straightforward process if done correctly. Best cleaning solutions for red wine spills on carpet has been around since is club soda water! Fortunately, soda works magic to eliminate any red wine spill on carpet.

Follow few easy steps to catch quickly on how to get red wine out of carpet with club soda:

  1. Blotting the stain well by using clean dry cloth.
  2. Pouring club soda water on it.
  3. Dabbing once again.
  4. Adding more club soda to the cloth.
  5. Blotting again, do it repeatedly, until the stain disappears.

How to Remove Wine Stains from Carpet with Washing up Liquid & White Vinegar

Removing wine stains from carpet with washing up liquid is easy too. If you are looking to eliminate one but don’t have any club soda, you can use dish soap and white vinegar to remove the stain. Off you go with these 3 easy ways to remove a red wine spill on carpet:

  1. Dabbing the stain repeatedly.
  2. Mixing up a cleaning solution: Mix a tablespoon of hand dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to one and a half cups of lukewarm water.
  3. Using white cloth, only – if you do it this way pigment from the cloth wont transfer onto carpet – apply a tiny pour onto the stain, blotting repeatedly until the stain is gone.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Red Wine Stain from Carpet?

Going further, you may need to find out how much does it cost to remove wine stain from carpet. Probably you may have to call expert carpet cleaners to determine the actual cleaning price for removing the stain. We guarantee it will be pricey. But calling few companies you may find many cheaper ones. Every carpet cleaning company has minimum outgoing call charge. Also they use of best cleaning products for their service. Different cleaning companies use different carpet stain removers.

But here is an example of what you might pay for wine stain removal:

  • Removing numerous wine stain from carpet only – minimum charge of £60.00
  • Removing numerous varnish stains from carpet plus full double room clean £80.00
  • Removing varnish stains from carpet for 2-bedroom flat will be £120.00

These carpet cleaning prices are for guidance purposes only. Prices greatly vary from one cleaning company to other. Usually carpet cleaning price is based on few factors. For more information you can contact us to discuss your requirements. Or to find out how to remove wine stains from anything you can read here.

Red Wine Stain Removal Products, Commercial and Over Counter Solutions

In Addition, if you are dreading next spill, you can get prepared and you can make the job easier on yourself with a commercial wine remover product.

Greatest over the counter available carpet cleaning product made specifically for removing red wine stains is Wine Away   This wine removing product is rated as the best solution on the market by the many carpet cleaning experts. Popular with many French residents of the region of Bordeaux wine county, here at Persil advise how to get help eliminate old stains from bright white carpet, tablecloth or household clothing, and is safe around pets and children.

Other products are also available, and we can post in next article.

Cleaning Wine Stain Tip: Remember, unlike with a rug, cold water is the best choice for clothing. Just pour some on the red wine stain and begin dabbing away to remove the surface parts of the stain.