Carpets, the most delicate and expensive kinds make wonderful decorative home additions as long as professional cleaning service is sought from time to time. Enveloping the floors with fine carpets elevate the aesthetic potential of the interiors, while keeping feet warm and the flooring protected. However, after a while of use, these carpeting turn into foul-smelling rugs that become the favourite breeding grounds for germs and insects. While proper cleaning can restore the former lustre and beauty of the carpets, harsh cleaning techniques can subtract a good whole year from its life. Most people are unaware of the fact that carpets can be cleaned spotlessly at home if you know how, without taking a toll on their lives. Read on to know how.

End-of-Month Vacuuming

Cleaning is not a day’s process, but a constant practice that ensures a healthy environment in your home. Do not wait for your carpet to gather dirt visibly and give out bad odour before you clean it. Flip it downside up at the end of every month and vacuum it. Interestingly, the best way to clean it is to run the vacuum at the back of the rug for best results. Use a beater nozzle to extract out dust and dirt from the behind and use a plain suction for the surface. However, the fringes will require different treatment because the free frills happen to get sucked in when vacuumed. Since they are made of nylon and other delicate materials, they need just the fluff of your hand.

Carpet Cleaning: A DIY Guide

Treating the Stains
However, vacuuming is hardly effective in dealing with stains and spillages. Using carpet sprays help getting rid of stubborn spots. Acting immediately after the staining helps in effective removal, especially for light-colours rugs that show tarnish easily. Scrape the spill and blot it with a fully clean cotton piece using your finger. The point is to absorb out maximum moisture from the spillage. Use only the mildest of floor carpet cleaners to wipe the stains. For difficult spotting that like red win spillage, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish washing detergent in a ratio of 10:90, same as the professional cleaning providers offer. Dip a cotton cloth in the solution and wipe the area in long motions. After the stain is gone, blot the spot with a solution of pet odour, vinegar and water.

Don’t forget the method:

  • Vacuum

  • Spray

  • Blot

  • Rinse

A Safe Carpet Cleaning Home-made Solution

Carpet cleaners often turn out to be really abrasive cleaning agents for the sophisticated floor rugs as they’re meant for expunging wall carpets. Alternatively, you can mix up a very effective cleaning solution at your home with some available resources. Liquid dish washer in lukewarm water is greatly effective in scrubbing out the stains. For a stronger solution, use all-purpose cleaners that do not contain bleach with a dash of fabric softener. To make the cleaners strong enough to fight the spot and not the colour, add ammonia to the solution. The best thing about this cleaner is that it not only deals with the blotches, but also softens the carpet fabric which is also a necessity to maintain its aesthetics for long.
If cleaning carpets at home is not feasible to your engaging timetable, then hire a professional services provider for the job.